Welcome to the Linux.Chat community!

This is the official site for the Linux.Chat community, namely #linux on Libera, Linux.Forum Support Forums, @linux.social on Mastodon and Linux.Chat on Discord.

The Linux.Chat community is a multi-platform community for general Linux® support. We provide help and support for any Linux® distribution and aim to answer any questions you might have about Linux®. Discussion about the various aspects of Linux® and Free/Open Source software is also encouraged.

Our IRC community focuses mostly around on-topic discussions revolving around Linux® related topics, while our Discord and forums communities include spaces dedicated to general, networking, security, virtualization, programming and off-topic discussions. For more of a social media type feel, we have our @linux.social community on Mastodon.

Please be sure to read the various community rules before joining as there may be differences based on the platform and culture.

We hope you enjoy your stay!