Community Finances

As the founder of Linux.Chat, I am committed to upholding the principles of openness and collaboration that are at the heart of our ethos. It is in this spirit that I present our community’s financial information below, a step towards greater transparency and mutual accountability.

This financial disclosure aims to provide a clear picture of how our funds are managed and allocated. Our goal is to foster a deeper trust and engagement within our community, ensuring that all our members, from novices to seasoned Linux® experts, feel valued and informed.


Our Financial Goals

  1. Supporting Community Services: The primary aim of our financial management is to support and enhance the services we offer. This includes hosting online forums, maintaining servers, organizing community events, and providing platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  2. Improving User Experience and Support: We are committed to using our resources to improve the overall user experience within our community. This encompasses everything from user interface enhancements to the development of new communication tools, as well as offering robust support systems for our members.
  3. Ensuring Sustainable Growth: A key aspect of our financial planning is to ensure the sustainable growth and development of Linux.Chat. We are dedicated to reinvesting our resources in ways that will benefit the community in the long term, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovation.

Yearly Finances