A pastebin is a web site that allows people to post larger amounts of text to share with others. The pastebin provides a URL that you can paste to the channel. Kindly provide some context to what is contained in your paste so people will know what your pastebin URL is for. Doing this cuts down on noise in the channel and is recommended when the text to share is four lines or more.

Some people object to so much that they’ll refuse to click on URLs. While you are free to use any pastebin you like, users can use our own, which we trust, can be encrypted and it has no ads.

Alternatively, has a handy feature that allows you to paste from the command line. Using <command> | nc 9999 on a command line may be a convenient way to share logs and command outputs. returns a URL to copy and paste after a very brief delay.

Some distributions don’t provide nc by default. If you are using Debian or most derivatives, or Fedora or other Red Hat related distros (you may need root permissions):

apt install netcat-openbsd # for Debian / Ubuntu
dnf install netcat # for Red Hat distros

If needed, ask in a channel or server specific to your distribution about how to install it (generally, it’ll be in a netcat-related package).